Font Styles for Metallic Text in Word

samples of metallic text in gold and silverOnce upon a time, Microsoft Word was one of the best graphic programs out there IMO. I speak as a non-power user, who got Word free at my job.

Anyway, I could do everything I wanted/was able to do on Word, and one of the things I wanted was metallic text.  As is obvious from this blog’s header.

It must run in the family, because this week my brother asked me to make him something with metallic text; but I discovered that Word 2016 no longer had those automatic gradients that I had applied to Word Art with such unrestrained glee back in the day.  I was able to recapture them from some old files, however, and so I have created a Word document to house them in, and converted them to quick text styles.

Here’s the link to it, if you too are suffering bling withdrawal. It has text in shapes, regular text, and a few decorative odds and ends I’m working on. Feel free to save a copy and then you too will have all my metallic text and object fills as I accumulate them.

Microsoft is probably only trying to correct my aesthetic, but taste will out.


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