Patricia S. Bowne

Fantasy Fiction and Academic Satire

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Wherever there is magic, there will be scholars who study it.

The Royal Academy of the Arcane Arts and Sciences at Osyth is one of the world's oldest schools of magic.
Founded as a refuge for Alchemists during their persecution in Selanto, Osyth is now a thriving city-state on the largest plateau in the Macoma Mountains. It is a constitutional monarchy with a largely ornamental royal family. The city and the Academy are situated directly on and in the Macoma Line, northernmost of the world's eight ley-lines, channels through which magic rises from the netherworld to the surface.

The Royal Academy is home to scholars in all five major fields of magic:

••WIZARDS harness magic for construction. The Royal Academy offers degrees in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Wizardry.

••SORCERERS heal with magic. Based in the Royal Academy's Teaching Hospital, the School of Sorcery houses Sorcery and Nursing programs and, with the School of Magic, the licensure program in Necromancy.

••MAGICIANS study the phenomena of magic. In the School of Natural Magic, magicians study the natural arcana; in Social Magic, they study the social roles of magic and magic-users.

••ALCHEMISTS define the rules of nature. Alchemy is the oldest kind of magic and the founding school of the Royal Academy. Alchemists first migrated to the Osyth plateau during the great exodus of 1508, when they were forced out of Selanto by Eridanus the Elder. For many years of the exodus, the Mystic Guild of Alchemists was based in Osyth. In their laboratory on the Northern tip of the Osyth plateau, the Academy's alchemists still create new natural substances, species, and constraints.

••ARCANE ARTS explores the links between human creativity and the arcane. Arcane arts was originally a part of alchemy, before the establishment of the Mystic Guild of Alchemists in the 1500s. Now an independent field of magic, Arcane Arts still pushes at the line between imagination and reality.

The Royal Academy is especially known for its Demonology Department in the school of Natural Magic. As traditional demon-binding is illegal in Osyth, the Academy's magicians have developed the world's only collaborative program. Using our state-of-the-art pentarium, they are able to safely summon and study the most dangerous of demons. The gold-lined invocation chamber, situated directly in the ley-line, is one of only three like it in the world.

Whether you dream of building, healing, or understanding the world, your studies in the Royal Academy at Osyth will prepare you for more than you ever thought possible. Welcome, and Good Luck!