Night Calls by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Night Calls coverBecause I missed the sale, Cat Kimbriel was kind enough to send me a free copy of Night Calls with no strings attached – but since I devoured it in a day and enjoyed every minute, it deserves a review!

I love stories about hill folk and folk magic, as well as wild food and pioneer crafts, so I was primed to enjoy the story of this frontier girl coming into her magic and dealing with a variety of the supernatural dangers that followed immigrants into the country. It was just the right mix of homely, cozy and horror.  The horror was well enough done to make me wonder at one point (late at night) how people who believed in such things managed to sleep through the night in their isolated cottages, which means it brought me into the characters’ mindset. That’s what I value most in fiction, so I was extremely pleased!

I was anxious to pick the book up again first thing this morning and read to the satisfying conclusion, and as soon as I closed the file I purchased the two sequels. Thanks, Cat, for the book and for the fun I anticipate in reading the sequels, and thanks Deborah Ross and Book View Cafe for the review that pointed me toward it!

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