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daruma doll

Daruma Doll from Blogadilla

The nice thing about having a mini-career is that everything’s new and exciting. I’m still at the stage where every passing mention means a lot to me, and I think I’ve met every single one of my fans, either by email or in person.  Of course, I *hope* there are hundreds out there whom I will meet in the New Year.

Last year I had mini-versions of the standard writer’s experiences, to wit:

  1. Someone I met in another context turned out to be a fan
  2. I had lunch with fans at a convention and discussed the books
  3. I received a piece of fan art
  4. I got several good reviews and a few bad ones
  5. I self-published for the first time, with Smashwords
  6. And the usual submissions, rejections, and places-that-make-you-wait-YEARS-for-any-response.

For the new year, I hope to add more of the same; I’ll finish revisions of the third Osyth novel, work on the fourth, and I have a non-Osyth novel awaiting my agent’s attention. I also want to get back to writing the short pieces, hopefully mastering the craft of writing real short stories instead of novellas.

If I were going to fill in a Daruma doll this year, my goal would be to write and submit at least four real short stories.  For most professional writers that would be a laughably small goal. But I have a mini-career, in the interstices of my day job, so I will be modest.

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