Quantitative Skills

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Intro to Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation 1 - expressing numbers in scientific notation
Scientific Notation 2 - multiplying powers of 10
Scientific Notation 3 - multiplying numbers using scientific notation
Scientific Notation 4 - dividing powers of ten
Scientific Notation 5 - dividing numbers using scientific notation
Estimation 1 - insultingly simple estimation problems
Estimation 2 - slightly less insulting estimation problems
Predict systolic blood pressure

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This menu links to resources for many of the quantitative literacy skills used in BI 231, Anatomy & Physiology. Use the link at right to see what is currently required of you for quant validation in BI 231 Lab.

There are also some other tutorials here aimed at meeting the quant skills needs of nursing and biology majors. If you would like a tutorial on a topic not addressed here, please let me know!

Most of these tutorial pages will generate problems and display them in this space. For most of them, you can put the cursor in the black box at the bottom of the page to see the answer. You will have to allow the webpages to run scripts for this to work. You can do that through the alert bar which will appear at the top of the page.

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Worksheets and summary of quant skills for BI 231L


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