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This tutorial will take you through using conversion factors to calculate dosages.

Here's how it's organized:

The drills range from very simple to more complex problems. Each page will generate a problem and display it here.

When you've tried to set up and solve the problem, put your cursor in the black box at the bottom of the page and you will see the correct setup and answer.

If you want another problem, click on the 'New Problem' button to the left. It will use a random number generator to create a new problem for you to solve. There is no limit to the number of problems you can do!

When you can solve the problems, click on the 'New Units' button. This will present similar problems with different units -- so you know you understand how to solve them, and have not just memorized one example of how to do it.

When you can solve the problems with different units, click on the 'New Context' button to be presented with problems in a different setting. This will allow you to test your ability to see how the calculations relate to the problems.