MSN 621 - Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology, Spring 2009

These are the tutorials written by Spring 2009 students in Alverno College's Master of Science in Nursing program in partial requirement for the course MSN 621, Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology.

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Carrie Bilicki, 2009. Unraveling the Paclitaxel Mystery: Pathophysiology of Type I Hypersensitivity Reactions
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Donna Braunreiter, 2009. What's Under Your Skin? Skin Care of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Standard External Beam Radiation
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Prutha Dave, 2009. Diabetes Mellitus:
“Not So Sweet”

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Kelly Estus, 2009. Pathophysiology of Chemotherapy- Induced Neutropenia
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Lynn Gettrust, 2009. Nursing Management of the Postoperative Patient Experiencing Nausea and Vomiting
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Hamidah Lalani, 2009. Spasticity in Cerebral Palsy
Pathophysiology to practice

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Emily Phillips, 2009. Interactive Acid-Base Tutorial
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Denise Portz, 2009. What Kind of Rash Is It? A Tutorial About a Skin Rash
 Associated with Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors used in Cancer Treatment

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Shana Winchel, 2009. Pain in the Cardiac Surgical ICU Patient
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