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Build a flow chart of the path blood takes around your systemic and pulmonary circuits!

You can navigate through this tutorial using the buttons at the top of the screen.

The tutorial will ask you questions. Click on your chosen answer to see feedback; click the answer again to make the feedback disappear. When you're finished with one page, click the navigation button for the next page to move ahead.

Before you jump in, do the questions below to remind yourself about the blood vessels. Choose the right answer from each sentence.

Blood in the pulmonary circuit goes through the body / lungs.

Blood in the systemic circuit goes through the body / lungs.

Blood is carried away from the heart in arteries / veins.

When it reaches the tissues, blood flows into tiny vessels called nutrient vessels or venules / capillaries.

The blood pressure is highest in the pulmonary veins / systemic arteries.

Now let's go to page 1 and start building the path of blood.