Respiration and O2 Questions


Explain why each of these persons has trouble supplying Oxygen to their cells.


1. Someone without surfactant


2. Someone whose phrenic nerve is cut


3. Someone who has depressed bone marrow due to chemotherapy


4. Someone who has an enlarged spleen


5. Someone who has disseminated intravascular clotting in the pulmonary arterioles


6. Someone who has fluid in the alveoli due to pneumonia


7. Someone who has a malformed epiglottis due to a birth defect


8. Someone who has a stab wound perforating the body wall between the 5th and 6th ribs


9. Someone who has had both kidneys removed


10. Someone who has reduced lung compliance


12. Someone who has reduced lung elasticity



More Respiration and O2 Questions


What effect will each of the following have on oxygen delivery to tissues? Why?


1. Alkalosis


2. Inability to make 2,3 DPG


3. Lack of iron in the diet


4. Hemoglobin with an increased O2 affinity


5. Acid injected into the cerebrospinal fluid


6. A person with long-term bronchitis is given a high dose of O2