Renal Questions



1. Make a map showing how the following are related:


GFR                                                                Glomerular Filtration Pressure

afferent arterioles                                          efferent arterioles

peripheral vasoconstriction                          juxtaglomerular cells

renin                                                                angiotensinogen

angiotensin I                                                  angiotensin II

angiotensin converting enzyme



2. Explain why each of the following diuretics works:


Furosemide - inhibits Cl- pumps in the ascending loop of Henle.


Chlorothiazide - blocks Na+ and Cl- reabsorbtion in the distal convoluted tubule


Spironolactone - blocks aldosterone receptors


Mannitol - is filtered into the urine at the glomerulus but cannot be reabsorbed


Renal questions key