Pancreas and Calcium Balance Questions


Draw a map which includes all of the following:


islets of Langerhans             anabolism                                          proteins

a cells                                     catabolism                                         triglycerides

b cells                                     glucose uptake                                  free fatty acids

insulin                                     increased blood glucose                  amino acids

glucagon                                decreased blood glucose                blood pH

liver                                         glycogen



What will happen to someone who:


1. has hyperactive a cells


2. has hypoactive a cells


3. has hyperactive b cells


4. has hypoactive b cells


5. lacks insulin receptor proteins on the liver cells



6. A woman with diabetes mellitus presents with the following:

            blood glucose = 320 mg/dL

            urine and breath have odor of ketones

            muscle wasting

            weight loss

            heavy breathing

            increased blood amino acid (aa) levels

            increased blood free fatty acid (ffa) levels

Draw a map explaining why she has these problems.


7. The woman was given an injection of insulin. Was this the right treatment? Why or why not?


8. After the injection, she passed out. Her blood sugar was 20 mg/dL. What has happened? Why?


9. A doctor writes, "Fred's diabetes improved when I convinced him to stop taking steroids for his asthma." Why was Fred being given steroids to treat asthma? Why did removing them help his diabetes?


10. How does each of the following affect blood calcium levels?

            Vitamin D




            Parathyroid Hormone



11. To treat his ulcers, Mr. F took large doses of Calcium carbonate. He developed high serum calcium. How will his body correct this problem?





12. While Mr. F had high serum Calcium, he began to show signs of weakness. How could his high Calcium levels have caused this?



13. Mrs. P has severe inflammation of the pancreas. She shows the following signs and symptoms: weight loss, stools containing fat and meat fibers, protein-digesting enzymes in her blood, low blood Calcium, and hyperglycemia. Why?




14. Mr. K had a thyroidectomy and his parathyroid glands were also removed by mistake. Why could this happen? What will it do to his blood Calcium levels?


Pancreas and Calcium Balance questions key